Brother, Sister

Brother, Sister


Genius or lunacy — take your pick. But either way, give credit to Aaron Weiss and gang for another unique taste of Christian indie rock sentiment. In more of his half-shouting, stream-of-consciousness style, Weiss throws any sense of traditional song form out the door. Lyrically speaking, Brother, Sister is more cryptic and nonsensical than almost anything else in Tooth & Nail Records' catalog. It proves an arduous task to identify any faith-based themes on the disc besides a desperate plea to reconcile one's place before God. Although there is less pounding rock than on its debut album, the group continues to explore sounds that make you want to shudder and tap along simultaneously. The one theme appears to be an obsession with mischievous critters — spiders, porcupines, and wolves, to name a few. You'll either "get it" or you won't, but you definitely won't forget the eccentric sound of this oft-loved band.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
In a Market Dimly Lit 0:00
O, Porcupine 0:00
Brownish Spider 0:00
In a Sweater Poorly Knit 0:00
Messes of Men 0:00
The Dryness and the Rain 0:00
Wolf Am I! (and Shadow) 0:00
Yellow Spider 0:00
A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains 0:00
Nice and Blue, Pt. 2 0:00
The Sun and the Moon 0:00
Orange Spider 0:00
C-Minor 0:00

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