iTunes Originals - MercyMe

iTunes Originals - MercyMe


Album Tracks

Song Title Length
This One Was a Little Too Personal for Me 1:14
Homesick 3:38
If That's What It Takes to Keep the Focus 0:52
This Song Honors the Memory of BJ Higgins 1:35
I Would Die for You 6:25
This One Is Rippin' 2:06
Grown Men Will Cry! 2:03
iTunes Originals 0:06
This Is What We Want to Leave Behind for the Crowds 1:58
We Are So Far from Peace 1:58
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3:29
This Is What's In Our Hearts, It's Who We Are 1:56
Won't Back Down (iTunes Originals Version) 3:03
How We Got Here 2:16
Here Am I 4:19
The Career Song 1:31
I Can Only Imagine (iTunes Originals Version) 4:11
The One That Got the Dove Award 1:30
Word of God Speak 3:07
This Felt More Like the Follow Up to "I Can Only Imagine" 1:23

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