The Gospel Collection

The Gospel Collection

Mary Mary

Though a good deal of Johnny Cash's gospel work for Columbia has been largely forgotten, The Gospel Collection is a fine representation of his gospel period. All but one of the 24 tracks that comprise this collection have been culled from 1959's Hymns by Johnny Cash and 1961's Hymns from the Heart, and represent the gospel tracks that Cash had been wanting to record (which precipitated his move to Columbia since Sam Phillips wouldn't permit Cash to record them with Sun). Cash wrote or arranged ten of the tracks represented, with the other 14 being traditionals or songs written by some of Cash's contemporary Christian songwriter friends. Though guitarist Luther Perkins and bassist Marshall Grant only appear on six tracks, the classic Cash sound remains largely intact on tracks such as his own lively "It Was Jesus" and the traditional standard "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." Though probably not essential for most casual Cash fans, The Gospel Collection remains a significant piece of the sinner/saint paradox that runs through most of Cash's classic work.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
These Things Shall Pass 0:00
He'll Be a Friend 0:00
God Will 0:00
He'll Understand and Say Well Done 0:00
God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away 0:00
When I've Learned 0:00
I Got Shoes 0:00
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning 0:00
If We Never Meet Again 0:00
When I Take My Vacation In Heaven 0:00
It Was Jesus 0:00
When the Savior Reached Down for Me 0:00
Taller Than Trees 0:00
I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone 0:00
My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real) 0:00
These Hands 0:00
I Saw a Man 0:00
Are All the Children In 0:00
The Old Account 0:00
Lead Me Gently Home 0:00
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 0:00
Snow In His Hair 0:00
Lead Me Father 0:00
I Call Him 0:00

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