Although often lumped into the emo category, Mae has rarely adhered to that genre's conventions, and (m)orning is perhaps the furthest the bandmates have ever sounded from their Warped Tour brethren. This eight-song EP is the band's first release since losing its contract with Capitol Records, and the disc sounds more like an album than anything else, with songs that bleed together and several tracks that top the seven-minute mark. While EPs often serve as receptacles for an artist's discarded B-sides, (m)orning is its own entity, and the songs are crafted appropriately. "The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)" builds steadily, adding layer upon layer of guitar before exploding into a cathartic bridge, while "The House That Fire Built" marries challenging time signatures with an epic, open-armed chorus. Several minutes later, "Boomerang" gives way to "Two Birds" with a flurry of guitar arpeggios and piano riffs, making for a fairly gorgeous transition. All of this will be little interest to outsiders, perhaps, but fans should enjoy (m)orning's mix of experimentation and accessibility. [An advance copy was also released.]

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Good (M)orning 0:00
The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love) 0:00
The House That Fire Built 0:00
Boomerang 0:00
Two Birds 0:00
A Melody, the Memory 0:00
Night/Day 0:00
(M)orning Drive 0:00

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