Make Some Noise (Worldwide Deluxe Edition)

Make Some Noise (Worldwide Deluxe Edition)


It’s easy to see (and hear) why Krystal Meyers stands poised at the brink of American crossover success. Make Some Noise is a marked advance over her previous releases, benefitting from sharp, synthesizer-dominated production and a more mature attitude. Meyers’ vocals display a tawny midrange, set off by smooth falsetto touches. She breezes along to thumping beats on “Feels So Right” and “Shine,” recreating the florid ambiance of ‘80s techno-pop. Her ballads are more inconsistent; while “In Your Hands” is solid, “S.O.S.” and “My Freedom” don’t quite hit the note of desperation they strive for. Lyrically, the tracks shift between expressions of faith (“Love It Away”), romantic musings (“Up to You”) and Youth Power anthems (the title track). Ambiguous tunes like “Beautiful Tonight” and “You’ll Never Know” venture into Jesus-is-my-Boyfriend territory with a minimum of offensiveness. For the most part, Meyers sounds enthused and engaged, more eager to party than to preach. Flirtatious yet unsullied, she infuses Makes Some Noise with enough fire to please believers and skeptics alike.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
In Your Hands 3:51
Sweet Dreams 3:45
Love It Away 3:40
Shine 3:33
S.O.S. 3:16
Feel So Right 3:47
My Freedom 4:00
Beautiful Tonight 3:31
Up to You 4:00
You'll Never Know 3:34

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