Dying for a Heart

Dying for a Heart

Krystal Meyers

Krystal Meyers has a penchant for teen angst-filled lyrics and roaring neo-punk backup, and the 18 year-old channels her frustrations into positive affirmations of her faith. But it’s the struggles she faces rather than the victories she achieves which make her self-written songs interesting. 2006’s Dying for a Heart, her second CD, presents her as a well-grounded young believer coping with everyday problems and pressures. She takes risks and succeeds — “The Situation,” for instance, grapples with sexual abstinence issues in believable fashion. Tracks like “Stand and Scream,” “”Shake It Off” and “Live” express confusion and self-doubt while reaching up for heavenly guidance. In “Collide” and “Only You Make Me Happy,” Meyers skirts Jesus-is-my-boyfriend terrain but overall her songwriting perspective is uncontrived and convincing. Dying for a Heart’s astringent guitars and propulsive rhythms drive the album’s hook-centered melodies home. Meyers proves herself a more-than-adequate vocalist – most important, she doesn’t overreach.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Hallelujah 3:27
Collide 2:58
Live 2:59
The Beauty of Grace 3:53
The Situation 3:23
Love Is On the Run 3:07
Only You Make Me Happy 3:11
Together 2:58
Shake It Off 3:16
Stand and Scream 3:16

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