Birds and Microscopes and Bottles of Elixirs and Raw Steak and a Bunch of Songs

Birds and Microscopes and Bottles of Elixirs and Raw Steak and a Bunch of Songs

Jon Foreman

Collecting their first three albums in one three-disc set, the lengthily titled Birds and Microscopes and Bottles of Elixirs and Raw Steak and a Bunch of Songs gives us a look at the early days of Norma Jean after they had dropped the name Luti-Kriss and went in search of heavier pastures. The anthology contains the band’s 2002 debut under the new moniker, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, as well as their 2005 follow-up O God, the Aftermath and 2006’s Redeemer, making this a solid collection for anyone looking to see what the band is all about. Unfortunately, with no liner notes or bonus material, there’s not a whole lot here for the longtime fan, making this a collection that’s meant more for Norma Jean neophytes and hardcore completists than average fans.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Human Face Divine 0:00
Organized Beyond Recognition 0:00
The Entire World Is Counting On Me and They Don't Even Know It 0:00
Face:Face 0:00
Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste 0:00
Creating Something Out of Nothing Only to Destroy It 0:00
Pretty Soon I Don't Know What But Something Is Going to Happen 0:00
The Shotgun Message 0:00
Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas 0:00
I Used to Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents 0:00
It Was As If the Dead Man Stood Upon the Air 0:00
Pretendeavor : A Reference to a Sinking Ship 0:00
Scientifiction : A Clot of Tragedy / A Swarm of Dedication 0:00
Murderotica : An Avalanche In D Minor 0:00
Vertebraille : Choke That Thief Called Dependence 0:00
Bayonetwork : Vultures In Vivid Color 0:00
Dilemmachine : Coalition, hoax 0:00
Coffinspire : Multitudes, Multitudes In the Valley of Decision! 0:00
Liarsenic : Creating a Universe of Discourse 0:00
Disconnecktie : The Faithful Vampire 0:00
Charactarantula : Talking to You and the Intake of Glass 0:00
Cemetery Like a Stage 0:00
No Passenger : No Parasite 0:00
A Grand Scene for a Color Film 0:00
Blueprints for Future Homes 0:00
A Small Spark vs. a Great Forest 0:00
A Temperamental Widower 0:00
The End of All Things Will Be Televised 0:00
Songs Sound Much Sadder 0:00
The Longest Lasting Statement 0:00
Amnesty Please 0:00
Like Swimming Circles 0:00

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