Professional Rapper

Professional Rapper

John Reuben

On his third release, Professional Rapper, John Reuben forges ahead with pleasing grooves that bring the funk. Cuts like "Move" and "Treats" are likeable rhymes with Reuben frolicking in lyrical comedy, while cuts like "I Haven't Been Myself" take a more serious stance. Reuben's use of guitar riffs and Spanish-sounding horns on the tune "This Life" make for a unique number, while the cut "&Freedom to Feel" utilizes a very heavy drumbeat and eerie background nuances bringing the funny man to full center with a supernatural aura.Professional Rapper is a mixed bag of musical and lyrical diversity. The disc is evidence of a grown-up rapper who can still have fun, but who can also deliver the goods with social enlightenment.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
All In All 3:24
5 Years to Write 5:06
Higher 3:35
Move 3:50
Have No Opinion? 3:17
I Haven't Been Myself 3:43
Life Is Short 4:10
Treats 3:22
Freedom to Feel 3:57
Time to Leave 3:52
Re-Record 3:28
Jammin' John and Mixin' Mary 1:29

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