John Reuben

Ohio native John Reuben released his sophomore project, Hindsight, in May 2002. The project consists of rap and hip-hop, revealing the artist's sense of humor in quirky tracks such as "Try a Little Harder," in which Reuben gives a vocal "dear diary" entry, and "I John Reu," featuring a self-introduction of sorts. The album also deals with subjects including image in the song "Doin'."

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Doin' 4:55
Thank You 3:58
DJ Manuel (Turntablism 101) 1:00
Up and At Them 4:16
Defensive Offender 3:58
Pataskala 3:56
I'll Try Harder 0:50
I John Reu 3:04
Hindsight 4:14
Big e Cypher Session 0:26
Soundman 4:52
Run the Night 4:31
Breathe 3:52
I Pictured It 4:31
01/08/02 1:11

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