A Way to See In the Dark

A Way to See In the Dark

Jason Gray

On A Way to See in the Dark, Jason Gray touches on universal themes of Christian worship while making them seem like late-night confessions. Gray’s full-bodied tenor implies inner strength even when he declares his abject weakness; the album’s stirring production reinforces his songs’ resolute spirit. “Remind Me Who I Am” and “The Sound of Our Breathing” are among the tracks that recall Big Country and similar Celtic-influenced rock bands. Tunes like “No Thief Like Fear” and “Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard” are at once dark-tinged and uplifting, acknowledging the call of darkness while striving toward the light. Gray especially shines on “Without Running Away,” a song examining the urge toward self-destruction with unusual frankness and insight. In the end, A Way to See in the Dark is very much a devotional work, praising God with finely wrought poetic language and evocative, ear-catching music. With this exceptional release, Gray’s well on his way to Christian music stardom.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Other Side 0:00
I Will Find a Way 0:00
Jesus We Are Grateful 0:00
The End of Me 0:00
No Thief Like Fear 0:00
Good to Be Alive 0:00
The Sound of Our Breathing 0:00
Without Running Away 0:00
Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard 0:00
Nothing Is Wasted 0:00
A Way to See In the Dark 0:00

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