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Desperation and defiance seethe throughout Movement, Inhale Exhale’s fourth album. The Ohio-based quintet has grown since its 2006 debut, tinkering with familiar Christian metalcore conventions while solidifying its rhythm section thanks to the addition of Tony Saffell on drums. Ryland Raus’ harsh vocals retain a savage edge, embodying the volcanic emotions found in the band’s lyrics. He gets able support from the versatile guitar prowess of John LaRussa, who switches from screaming riffage to crisp, deadly staccato patterns as the songs require. Confrontational tracks like “Party Drama” and “Carpe Diem” match ear-mauling sonic assaults with unyielding inner faith. Especially notable is “A Poise for Poison,” a powerful jeremiad on sins of the flesh that features some of Raus’ best clean singing. The UFO-abduction scenario of “The Collectors” is driven home by LaRussa’s boiling guitar work and Saffell’s skull-crushing drums. From the berserker shrieks of “Low” through the skittering, panic-stricken beat of “Ain’t No Trip to Cleveland,” Movement finds Inhale Exhale confronting darkness with a warrior’s spirit.

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