Hillsong United

After nearly two decades of phenomenal success, Hillsong United finds fresh ways to express its timeless Christian message on Aftermath. This time, Hillsong emphasize bolder instrumental colors and take chances with arrangements while keeping its lyrics direct, heartfelt and Scripture-based. Aggressive drum work and rumbling, almost-funky bass lines propel “Nova” and “Light Will Shine” beyond the confines of the typical praise tune. The majestic “Take Heart” wraps a Celtic-tinged melody around an atmospheric track worthy of vintage Peter Gabriel, while “Go” gains power from its steady, sweeping rhythmic glide. More intimate but just as effective are “Bones” and “Rhythms of Grace,” tracks that combine stately, bittersweet melodies with a luminous combination of guitar and synthesizer. Joel Houston, Marty Sampson, Jad Gillies and Jill McCloghry are among the singers who distinguish themselves with warm, deeply reverent performances. Sonically subtle and spiritually vibrant, Aftermath stretches the possibilities of what modern worship music can be.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Light Will Shine 0:00
Search My Heart 0:00
Awakening 0:00
Search My Heart (Radio Version) 0:00
Take Heart 0:00
Go 0:00
Like an Avalanche 0:00
Rhythms of Grace 0:00
Aftermath 0:00
B.E. (Instrumental) 0:00
Bones 0:00
Father 0:00
Nova 0:00

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