Concerning the Way It Was

Concerning the Way It Was

Haste the Day

A compilation gathering the first three albums by Haste the Day, Concerning the Way It Was serves as a great introduction to the Christian metalcore band’s brand of spiritual heaviness. Containing their 2004 debut, Burning Bridges, as well as their 2005 follow-up When Everything Falls and 2007’s Pressure the Hinges, this three-disc set takes listeners on a tour through Haste the Day’s formative years, starting at their humble beginnings right through their days of Billboard success. The lack of bonus material makes this collection non-essential for longtime fans, but for anyone new to the band, Concerning the Way It Was is a great jumping on point.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Substance 0:00
Breaking My Own Heart 0:00
Outro (Haste the Day) 0:00
Blue 42 0:00
The Closest Thing to Closure 0:00
American Love 0:00
Concerning the Way It Was 0:00
Song of Faith 0:00
Ros King 0:00
One Life to Live 0:00
Last Goodbye, The 0:00
Honest Confessions, An 0:00
InstruMETAL 0:00
All I Have 0:00
Long Way Down 0:00
Fallen 0:00
The Perfect Night 0:00
Walk On 0:00
When Everything Falls 0:00
If I Could See 0:00
Walls and Fear 0:00
For a Lifetime 0:00
This Time It's Real 0:00
Bleed Alone 0:00
Vertigo 0:00
Akeldema 0:00
Eremus 0:00
Chorus of Angels 0:00
Eye of the Needle 0:00
Pressure the Hinges 0:00
The Minor Prophets 0:00
The Oracle 0:00
White Collar 0:00
Needles 0:00
Janet's Planet 0:00
Servant Ties 0:00
Stitches 0:00

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