Good Monsters

Good Monsters

Further Seems Forever

After a decade or so of record-making, a rock band enters its "mature" phase and the music either gets richer or sounds increasingly tired. Fortunately, veteran Christian rock combo Jars of Clay finds itself in the former category with 2006's Good Monsters. The sounds here are bold and bright, often suggestive of classic '80s new wave and post-punk. "Dead Man (Carry Me)" has the insistent skank of early Talking Heads, while the title track displays the brawny thrust of U2's initial releases. Odder elements come into play for "Mirrors & Smoke," a growling rockabilly number featuring singer Dan Hasseltine and guest Leigh Nash in a Johnny Cash/June Carter-style pairing. Good Monsters has its understated side as well — "Oh My God" is a praise song of taut, restrained power, while "Even Angels Cry" gives off a softly yearning glow. If there's a central theme here it's one of faithful endurance amidst the evils and ambiguities of mortal life — a message most perfectly stated in the band's superb cover of Julie Miller's "All My Tears." Maturity suits Jars Of Clay well; its contents are a long way from growing stale.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Mirrors & Smoke 3:58
Light Gives Heat 4:41
Water Under the Bridge 3:57
Work 3:53
Dead Man (Carry Me) 3:19
All My Tears 3:45
Even Angels Cry 4:21
There Is a River 3:51
Good Monsters 4:05
Oh My God 6:05
Surprise 3:50
Take Me Higher 4:40

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