We Shine

We Shine


Serious fans of modern worship music have known about Steve Fee and his self-titled band for some time. Over the past decade, his association with the burgeoning Passion movement has won him admiration (as well as covers by such notables as Casting Crowns), and We Shine (2007) seeks a still-wider audience with its emphasis on lyrically-reverent and musically-stirring rock. As with Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and other Passion-associated artists, Fee and his bandmates combine U2-esque guitar heroics with acoustic elements and touches of electronica. As a singer, Steve Fee fully embodies the role of the 21st Century Christian worship leader, avoiding any hint of swagger or sass in his delivery. Joy is the keynote for such celebratory hymns as “All Because of Jesus,” “Burn For You” and “We Shine.” “Broadcast” (spurred on by blazing lead guitar) and “Happy Day” (swirling with an almost rave-like atmosphere) are especially potent tunes. Though much the album is addressed to committed believers, “Lift High” works well as an alter call to those in doubt. As both testimony and exaltation, We Shine lives up to its title.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Broadcast 3:58
Faithful 3:43
You Are the Light 4:39
All Because of Jesus 4:58
We Shine 5:12
Glorious One 4:00
Burn for You 4:53
Beautiful the Blood 4:30
Happy Day 3:36
Lift High 3:58
Victorious 4:45
Grace Will Be My Song 4:02

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