Dance or Die

Dance or Die

Family Force 5

If you can consider it progress to go from sounding like Limp Bizkit to Duran Duran, then Dance or Die might just be your cup of tea. Call it another round of "phun" with a capital "PH" from the wildly popular crunk-rock quintet. The guys are a novelty act, this time spinning their dancefloor routine with a distinctively '80s motif. Until you hear their unlikely blend of Finger Eleven, Orgy, the Killers, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, you might not believe it's possible — but Dance or Die pulls it off with style. The key to finding the meaning behind the album is not to do so. There is but one message, and that's having a wildly good time. There's nothing else beneath the surface — which is fine, since Family Force 5 never claim to be larger than they really are. The only disappointment is the lo-fi production compared to their debut.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Wake the Dead 0:00
Radiator 0:00
Get Your Back Off the Wall 0:00
Rip It Up 0:00
How In the World 0:00
Fever 0:00
Party Foul 0:00
D-I-E 4 Y-O-U 0:00
Share It With Me 0:00
The First Time 0:00

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