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John L. Cooper has finally hit his stride with Skillet. Collide is a disc that chugs along with guitars out front, screaming vocals, and a raw intensity that strips the band of its electronic nuances. Opting for a much more aggressive sound, the band leans on guitar riffs while synths are more tastefully added. Songs like "Forsaken" and "Savior" are perfect examples of unadulterated rock bliss. Even when the band veers away from the heaviness à la the well-placed orchestration on "Collide," the meat of the tune still ends up rocking out. With this disc, Skillet takes a firm stance toward honing a sound that is marketed to Generation X. With cuts to back it, they may have found the right vehicle to reach those ears.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Energy 0:00
Cycle Down 0:00
Forsaken 0:00
Savior 0:00
Open Wounds 0:00
A Little More 0:00
My Obsession 0:00
Collide 0:00
Fingernails 0:00
Imperfection 0:00
Under My Skin 0:00

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