The Real Thing

The Real Thing

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PureNRG released three albums (as well as a remix album and a Christmas album) in two years, but that kind of prolific release schedule is to be expected when a band's members are so young. By the time they issued The Real Thing, the kids of PureNRG were full-fledged teenagers, and the album reflects the group's growing maturity. Jordan, Caroline, and Carolyne's voices sound much stronger and grown-up here, their harmonies are richer, and The Real Thing's songs follow suit. Tracks like "Radio" and "Overwhelmed" are just as catchy and positive as anything off PureNRG's previous albums, but less kiddie than, say, Here We Go Again's "BFF." The ballad "Sweet Jesus" is a standout, proving that PureNRG can deliver more serious songs even more effectively with a few more years on them. The group's commitment to messages of faith and positivity is just as strong as ever, ranging from songs about forgiveness ("Before the Sun Goes Down") and living a life that's real ("Cover of a Magazine"), to praise & worship songs ("Savior," "Live to Worship"). The Real Thing shows that PureNRG can still fit in with the Radio Disney crowd and offer more uplifting messages to boot.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Can You Handle It 2:40
Here We Go Again (Sing-A-Long) 3:23
Radio (Sing-A-Long) 3:02
Footloose (Sing-A-Long) 3:30
Radio 2:59
It's All About You 2:49
Before the Sun Goes Down 3:28
The Real Thing 3:00
Savior 3:05
Live to Worship 3:00
Sweet Jesus 3:20
Overwhelmed 3:16
Cover of a Magazine 3:19

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