Diamond Rio

The material on Completely by Diamond Rio has two powerful qualities behind it: individuality and positive outlook. With artists as well anchored in the business as Diamond Rio, the musical quality is a given. The real challenge is outdoing yourself and coming up with fresh concepts. The selections on this album seem to be the fruition of that search for musical renewal with unique cuts such as "Wrinkles," co-written by Ronny Scaife and Neil Thrasher. The age-conscious will find this song especially appealing with its fun, hopeful message. Even the pain of "I Believe" is alleviated with spiritual guidance, while "You'll Find Me" reunites a husband and wife on the verge of good-bye. On the instrumental side, Diamond Rio offers "Rural Philharmonic," a fast-paced composition by group member Jimmy Olander. If that Diamond Rio harmony is what you're after, it's here too and is especially powerful on the oxymoronic "Beautiful Mess," though it overpowers some of the lyrics in "The Box." On the whole, Completely marks another musical revival for Diamond Rio.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
If You'd Like Some Lovin' 3:07
You'll Find Me 3:47
Rural Philharmonic 3:18
Make Sure You've Got It All 4:11
Beautiful Mess 3:48
Big Ol' Fire 3:05
I Believe 3:56
Something Cool 3:11
The Box 3:17
We All Fall Down 4:08
Wrinkles 3:08
Completely 3:47
A Better Idea 3:53

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