Demon Hunter

As the United States of America marked the two-week anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, contemporary Christian music saw the release of Steven Curtis Chapman's 12th album simply entitled Declaration. The album's name is taken from the project's song "Declaration of Dependence," in which Chapman proclaims his utter reliance on God. It only seems fitting that a project with the intent of declaring everyone's need, as human beings, for dependence upon the Almighty would be offered in the wake of such tragic and horrific events. The Sparrow Records' project mirrors Chapman's previous three or four albums. It does not necessarily employ the precise styles of acoustic pop and CCM as its predecessors. However, the release reflects his past efforts in that Chapman appears to be re-inventing himself once again without losing the sound listeners have come to expect. With Dependence, Chapman continues to provide upbeat, and at times edgy, tracks that communicate clear messages of faith. Notable songs include the album's first radio single, "Live Out Loud," which references Regis Philbin, "Bring It On," and the poignant "Savior."

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Declaration of Dependence 0:00
God Follower 0:00
Carry You to Jesus 0:00
Savior 0:00
Live Out Loud 0:00
This Day 0:00
Jesus Is Life 0:00
No Greater Love 0:00
God Is God 0:00
See the Glory 0:00
Bring It On 0:00
When Love Takes You In 0:00
Magnificent Obsession 0:00

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