And If Our God Is for Us... (Deluxe Edition)

And If Our God Is for Us... (Deluxe Edition)


Singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin paints hymns of praise upon big sonic canvasses on And If Our God Is for Us. The album’s title is drawn from a line in “Our God,” already familiar to Christian radio listeners as a live recording. In the version included here, the song’s worshipful message is underscored with string accents and a pulsating Coldplay-like rhythm arrangement. Tomlin returns again and again to the believer’s connection with his Creator in these songs, whether the musical setting leans towards techno-pop (“No Chains On Me”) or guitar-centered arena rock (“Lovely”). His trademark sense of rising dynamics makes “I Lift My Hands” a standout tune. Singer Christy Nockles duets with Tomlin on “Faithful,” a meditative number matching a beat-box groove with a tradition-rooted melody. Deep, resonant piano chords and distorted electric guitar bring an otherworldly grace to “Awakening,” the closing track. After nearly a decade of album-making, Tomlin has lost none of his musical urgency or sense of spiritual mission.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Jesus My Redeemer 0:00
Awakening 0:00
Our God (Acoustic Version) 0:00
I Will Follow (Acoustic Version) 0:00
Majesty of Heaven (Acoustic Version) 0:00
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is (Acoustic Version) 0:00
Our God 0:00
Majesty of Heaven 0:00
No Chains On Me 0:00
Lovely 0:00
The Name of Jesus 0:00
All to Us 0:00
Faithful 0:00
Behind the Scenes At White Cabin Studio 0:00

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