The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection

DC Talk

Dove Award-winning alternative pop/rock/Christian rap outfit dc Talk has been spreading the good word since 1988, so it comes as no surprise that 2009's Ultimate Collection pretty much lives up to its name. While most listeners will find 2007's 16-track Greatest Hits compilation a more than ample retrospective, die-hard fans who have followed the group's genre-defying career since its inception will revel in the Ultimate Collection's two-disc, 24-track holy glow, which boasts some of the band's best work including "Supernatural," "Jesus Freak," and "Jesus Is Just Alright with Me."

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Consume Me 0:00
My Will 0:00
In the Light 0:00
So Help Me God 0:00
Colored People 0:00
What If I Stumble? 0:00
Day By Day 0:00
I Wish We'd All Been Ready 0:00
Say the Words (Now) 0:00
Supernatural 0:00
The Hardway (Remix) 0:00
Sugarcoat It 0:00
Chance 0:00
That Kinda Girl 0:00
Lean On Me 0:00
Socially Acceptable 0:00
What Have We Become? 0:00
Mind's Eye 0:00
Like It, Love It, Need It 0:00
Into Jesus 0:00

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