DC Talk

You have to dig pretty deep on Supernatural to find dc Talk's Christian roots. Adopting an even more mainstream approach to making records, Jesus-pop's one-time favorite poster-boys are all over the Top 40 map on their fifth album. Listen, don't they sound a little alternative here? Is that a hip-hop beat there? And isn't that ballad pretty? Also tossing in some new age musical mysticism, classic-rock guitar crunches, and even jazzy interludes along with the usual contemporary pop conventions, dc Talk have just about every format covered here.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Since I Met You 0:00
Into Jesus 0:00
Supernatural 0:00
Red Letters 0:00
There Is a Treason At Sea 0:00
Intro 0:00
It's Killing Me 0:00
Dive 0:00
Consume Me 0:00
Fearless 0:00
Godsend 0:00
Wanna Be Loved 0:00
The Truth 0:00

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