Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

DC Talk

If you had to pick the Christian pop/rock act that most defined the genre in the ‘90s, it would be DC Talk. The trio began as a God-centered rap combo in the ‘80s, then matured into a sophisticated unit tapping into a host of contemporary music trends. Greatest Hits pares down DC Talk’s lengthy list of Christian hit singles to the essentials, providing a focused summation of the group’s creative strengths. More than anything, members Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait and Kevin “Max” Smith proved that the groove-driven, multi-textured sounds of hip-hop and alt-rock could be utilized to express an uncompromisingly Christ-based vision. Tracks like “Jesus Freak,” “Socially Acceptable” and a scintillating remake of the old Doobie Brothers hit “Jesus Is Just Alright” encouraged young believers to declare their faith loudly and boldly. “Consume Me” (a mystically tinged paean to the Lord) and “Godsend” (an earthly love song with a heavenly spin) found them shining a Christian light on less-obvious topics. “Colored People” touched upon the band’s interracial composition even as it dealt with grander themes of human unity.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Socially Acceptable 0:00
Supernatural 0:00
The Hard Way 0:00
Godsend 0:00
What If I Stumble 0:00
Red Letters 0:00
Say the Word (Now) [Remix] 0:00
Colored People 0:00
Mind's Eye 0:00
Consume Me 0:00
My Will 0:00
In the Light 0:00

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