Remedy Club Tour Edition

Remedy Club Tour Edition

David Crowder Band

Six years, four highly acclaimed studio records, and three side projects. A nationwide following in the thousands. Dove Awards stacking up practically every year. Why would the group that Christianity Today dubbed "quite possibly the most innovative band operating within the mainstream Christian music industry" stop there? They apparently had no intentions of doing so. Constantly finding ways to reinvent themselves and their medium, the David Crowder Band found it fitting to release not just a live album but a full-length DVD. Not only that, but through a deal with The Bigger Picture and AEG Network Live, the 85-minute concert was screened in 80 cities nationwide on the eve of its release. The tour itself was outside the box. The Remedy Club Tour took the band to mainstream pop and rock venues such as the House of Blues. Their M.O. was to prove to fans that they could find God in unexpected places, not just during their weekly church services. Needless to say, the tour was a huge success. The band's musicality has never been more cohesive, more focused. Contemporary worship music's golden boys indeed have yet to make a misstep of any kind. The benefit of the video is getting to know Crowder's zany personality. Even for the tens of thousands who have seen him during the annual Passion gatherings, the frontman finds new ways to keep interest. It's typical Crowder to see him pull out a rewired Guitar Hero game guitar during "Neverending" — and actually plug it into an amp and jamming with the band. Energy. Message. Passion. Worship. Reinvention. These guys do it all, with near perfection.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
A Beautiful Collision 0:00
Never Let Go 0:00
Remedy 0:00
I Saw the Light 0:00
No One Like You 0:00
O Praise Him (All This for a King) 0:00
Surely We Can Change 0:00
I'm Trying to Make You Sing 0:00
The Glory of It All 0:00
Can You Feel It? 0:00
Everything Glorious 0:00
... Neverending ... 0:00
Here Is Our King 0:00
You Are My Joy 0:00
We Won't Be Quiet 0:00
foreverandever, etc... 0:00

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