Rain's a Comin'

Rain's a Comin'

Children 18:3

Minnesota trio Children 18:3 wrap joyful melodies around serious messages on their sophomore album Rain’s ‘a Comin’. The punk/pop outfit dives into its songs with manic abandon, careening through verses into explosive shout-along choruses. A sense of impending change overshadows the album, made explicit in such Biblically tinged tracks as “Lost So Long,” “Cover Your Eyes” and the title number. “Oh, Honestly” and “Hey Driftwood (Tides)” touch upon more everyday romantic concerns, while “Oh, Bravo” measures the value of show biz fame against a father’s love. There are lighter moments as well, such as “The Cruel One” (a “tribute” to Disney villainess Cruella de Vil) and “Jack ‘O’ Lantern Dreams” (a sweet ‘n’ stinging punk waltz). The trio’s playing is in top form, with Seth’s kit-bashing drum work deserving special mention. Throughout Rain’s ‘a Comin’, Children 18:3 manage to recall the reckless delight of early X and Go-Go’s without obscuring the rock-solid faith that underpins their music.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Jack 'O' Lantern Dreams 0:00
The Last Laugh 0:00
Rain's a Comin' 0:00
The Cruel One 0:00
Whispering 0:00
Hey Driftwood (Tides) 0:00
Oh, Bravo 0:00
Wonder I 0:00
Stronger 0:00

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