Some Hearts

Some Hearts

Carrie Underwood

Given the tightly controlled nature of American Idol, it's a wonder that the televised talent contest has never produced a winner who specialized in country music, since there's no segment of modern popular music that is controlled tighter than contemporary country. Maybe this thought was in the minds of Simon Fuller and the rest of AmIdol's 19 management when they went into their fourth season in 2005, since as soon as fresh-faced Oklahoma blonde Carrie Underwood showed up in the audition rounds, the judges — alright, specifically Simon Cowell — pigeonholed her as a country singer, even if there was nothing specifically country about her sweet, friendly voice. From that point on, she was not only the frontrunner, but anointed as the show's first country winner, which apparently proved more enticing to the voters and the producers than the prospect of the show's first rock & roll winner in the guise of the Southern-fried hippie throwback Bo Bice. Which makes sense: cute, guileless young girls have a broader appeal than hairy 30-somethings. They're easier to sell and mold too, and Underwood proved particularly ideal in this regard since she was a blank slate, possessing a very good voice and an unthreatening prettiness that would be equally marketable and likeable in either country or pop. So, the powers that be decided that Underwood would be a contemporary country singer in the vein of Faith Hill — she'd sing anthemic country pop, ideal for either country or adult contemporary radio, with none of the delightful tackiness of Shania Twain — and her debut album, Some Hearts, not only hits this mark exactly, it's better than either album Hill has released since Breathe in 1999.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
We're Young and Beautiful 3:53
That's Where It Is 3:35
Whenever You Remember 3:47
I Ain't In Checotah Anymore 3:21
Inside Your Heaven 3:44
Wasted 4:34
Don't Forget to Remember Me 4:00
Some Hearts 3:48
Jesus, Take the Wheel 3:46
The Night Before (Life Goes On) 3:54
Lessons Learned 4:09
Before He Cheats 3:19
Starts With Goodbye 4:06
I Just Can't Live a Lie 3:59

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