What Life Would Be Like

What Life Would Be Like

Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave manages to combine the blissed-out abandon of a jam band concert with the spirit of an old-fashioned revival meeting. Lead singer/guitarist Mike Weaver and his cohorts have sought to adapt their freewheeling approach to the conventions of Christian pop music for most of this decade. What Life Would Be Like harkens back somewhat to the band’s loose-limbed beginnings, when the sound rather than the structure of a tune was paramount. Rolling waves of acoustic guitar and supple rhythmic lines propel tracks like “You Found Me,” “Falling into You,” and “Just Like Somebody Else.” “Blue Skies” and “From Here” radiate a positive attitude, while a cover of Phil Collins’ 1989 hit “Another Day in Paradise” acknowledges suffering amidst plenty. “Right With You” adds a touch of Jack Johnson-esque funkiness, and a sparse folk-rock reworking of the hymn “Revive Us Again” offers a particularly satisfying moment. By and large, the reverent content of the songs remains clear amidst the surging grooves and instrumental flourishes. What Life Would Be Like demonstrates that you can praise and party simultaneously.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Another Day In Paradise 6:14
Blue Skies 3:32
Falling Into You 3:19
From Here 4:28
Just Like Somebody Else 4:44
Revive Us Again 4:18
Right With You 4:07
We Want the World to Hear 4:19
What Life Would Be Like 4:05
You Found Me 4:41

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