Myself When I Am Real

Myself When I Am Real

Bebo Norman

With the release of his third national disc, Bebo Norman solidifies himself as an adult contemporary force in the Christian music industry. Myself When I Am Real is an exercise in well-produced, acoustically driven folk-pop that presents itself as a powerful package, eliciting one memorable song after another. Cuts like "Our Mystery" and "Falling Down" are tunes that offer the listener guitar-driven, soulful melodies. On the lighter side, cuts like "Where the Trees Stand Still" and "Long Way Home" deliver the goods via acoustic guitars and melancholy melodies reminiscent of the former Cat Stevens. One of the disc's most poignant offerings comes via the song "Just to look at You." When Norman sings, "I would give my soul just to look at you," it's a believable statement from a vocalist who sings with tenderness and conviction. Myself When I Am Real is the type of disc that offers one powerful melody after another. It's a gift from a powerful performer sharing his talents with the rest of the world.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
So Afraid 3:56
My Love 3:45
Back to Me 3:56
Our Mystery 3:33
Beautiful You 3:48
Falling Down 3:47
Great Light of the World 4:10
Where the Trees Stand Still 4:38
Everything 3:06
Just to Look At You 4:59
Long Way Home 5:41
Under the Sun 3:48

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