With the release of their album Lift, Audio Adrenaline proves they still have the chops to reign as one of the best bands Christian music has to offer. Vocalist Mark Stuart seems to get better with age. Cuts like "You Still Amaze Me" and "I'm Alive" showcase his enduring vocals while distorted guitars kick the cuts into overdrive. Leaning on the strength of past musical vibes, "Beautiful" possesses the same charge as the band's past hit, "Big House." The cut is lyrically enduring, boasting the magnificence of God while musically the funky guitars and vocal nuances are right on target. "This Is Everything" is classic Audio Adrenaline. The tune lays a bed of synthesizers with guitars filling the voids nicely; here Stuart's vocals are the perfect match for a chorus that will tap your toe for days. The cut "Ocean Floor" is one of the best sonic offerings on the release; the band relates the forgiveness of Jesus Christ regarding sin: "Your sins are erased/They are no more/They're on the ocean floor." What the tune offers musically is pure pop-driven guitars, tasty lead riffs, and a bed of acoustic guitars that offers up breathing room for the vocals. Another point worth mentioning on the cut is the fantastic vocal ad-libs at the song's end. Stuart's vocal stylings are so gritty and unyielding that you swear it's Rod Stewart in his prime. The band has became better songwriters and producers since their first release in 1993. One spin of the disc will prove it.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Lift 0:00
Tremble 0:00
Beautiful (Radio Remix) 0:00
Lonely Man (From the Demo Session) 0:00
You Still Amaze Me 0:00
I'm Alive 0:00
Beautiful 0:00
Ocean Floor 0:00
Rejoice 0:00
Speak to Me 0:00
Glory 0:00
Summertime 0:00
This Is Everything 0:00

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