Hit Parade

Hit Parade

Audio Adrenaline

The group's seventh release, the fifth of their studio releases, Hit Parade is a noisy collection of the group's hits with two original, previously unreleased songs. At times they are reminiscent of the Presidents of the United States with their one-word song titles, like "Blitz," "Chevette," and "DC-10." The track "Get Down" is by far the best introduction to the group, and perhaps the most original in its sound. While no doubt original in many aspects, all of Audio Adrenaline's music on this particular album began to sound alike after several tracks. A shame, because the group has a worthy goal of reaching the academic fringe besides having some obvious talent. It is easy to see, though, why the group has combined sales that rise into gold status, as the music is foot-stomping and mosh-pit dance fun. ~ Dacia A. Blodgett-Williams, Rovi

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Hands and Feet 0:00
Man of God 0:00
Chevette 0:00
Underdog 0:00
Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus 0:00
DC-10 0:00
One Like You 0:00
Rest Easy 0:00
Will Not Fade 0:00
I'm Not the King 0:00
Mighty Good Leader 0:00
Some Kind of Zombie 0:00
Get Down 0:00
Walk On Water 0:00
Big House 0:00
We're a Band 0:00
Blitz 0:00

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