Adios - The Greatest Hits

Adios - The Greatest Hits

Audio Adrenaline

Released in 2006 to coincide with the band's retirement the following year, Adios: Greatest Hits collects 17 of the raucous rap, funk, and hard rock of the Christian ensemble's best tracks from their 15-year career. Audio Adrenaline points to lead vocalist Mark Stuart's "ongoing vocal challenges" as the primary reason for the early departure from the scene, but that's hard to fathom upon hearing the two new cuts on Adios. Both "Goodbye" and "Blaze of Glory" feature Stuart and crew in all of their angst-filled/good-natured glory, providing longtime fans with an audio handshake that's both hopeful and wistful.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Ocean Floor (Lift Album Version) 0:00
Beautiful (Lift Album Version) 0:00
Blaze of Glory (Adios Album Version) 0:00
Leaving 99 (Worldwide Album Version) 0:00
Pierced (Worldwide Album Version) 0:00
Miracle (Worldwide Album Version) 0:00
King (Heart Caves In Album Version) 0:00
Starting Over (Heart Caves In Album Version) 0:00
Big House (Don't Censor Me Album Version) 0:00
We're a Band 0:00
Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus 0:00
Goodbye (Adios Album Version) 0:00
Chevette 0:00
Some Kind of Zombie (Some Kind of Zombie Album Version) 0:00
Get Down 0:00
Hands and Feet (Underdog Album Version) 0:00
Mighty Good Leader 0:00

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