Andrew Peterson

According to Max Hsu, Superchick's keyboardist/DJ and mega-guru producer, there's no true end to the songwriting process. Hsu, the man whose vision truly shapes the band's sound, describes their six prior releases as snapshots of songs in a continuing evolution. The idea behind Reinvention, therefore, was to capture some of the band's most memorable hits at later points in that evolution. It's a new way of looking at music in the iPod generation, and Reinvention is certainly a new way of hearing Superchick's G-rated, girl-power rock. The album is a creative way to look back and celebrate the band's accomplishments at this point in its career: over 750,000 albums sold and — strikingly more impressive — appearances in over 100 television shows, video games, and movies. Reinvention is not a typical greatest-hits collection or remix album where well-known songs are simply dressed up in faux club beats. Most of the songs are distinguishable from their original studio renditions by beefed-up guitar licks, rhythm tracks, and drum loops. This makes Reinvention a logical starting place for new listeners. Longtime fans will also enjoy the new takes but may ultimately consider this album a bonus rather than a necessity if they already own the rest of the Superchick catalog. Regardless, this is a landmark recording that demonstrates the band's versatility and sparks the hearts of listeners all over again.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Wishes (Teens Falling In/Out of Love Mix) 0:00
Still Here 0:00
With You 0:00
Cross the Line (Box Office Blockbuster Mix) 0:00
Rock What You Got (Fight Underdog Fight! Mix) 0:00
Karaoke Superstars (Shiny Car Advert Mix) [feat. Thumpmonks] 0:00
Hey Hey (Vampires vs. Cheerleaders Mix) 0:00
One and Lonely (Chick Flick Mix) 0:00
Breathe (Don't You Die On Me Mix) 0:00
Bowling Ball (Not That Into You Mix) 0:00
Pure (Brand New Day Mix) 0:00

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