Lost Songs

Lost Songs


Lest anyone cast them aside as just another pop-punk outfit, Anberlin's surprisingly deep collection of B sides and rarities is a treasure of its own. They distance themselves from the pack with a mix of acoustic versions of some of their more popular hits and covers from some of their '80s favorites like the Smiths, Depeche Mode, and When in Rome. This is anything but filler. The acoustic setting fits their sound shockingly well, and the album is more cohesive than you might expect, as in the new versions of "Cadence" and "Dismantle. Repair.," for example. A hidden bonus track, an electronic version of "Glass to the Arson," is a treat for fans.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Promise 0:00
Naive Orleans (Acoustic) 0:00
Inevitable (AOL Sessions) 0:00
The Unwinding Cable Car (AOL Sessions) 0:00
Creep (Acoustic) [AOL Sessions] 0:00
Baby Please Come Home 0:00
Ready Fuels (Demo) 0:00
Driving (Autobahn) [Demo] 0:00
Everywhere In Between (Demo) 0:00
Glass to the Arson (Electronic Version) 0:00
The Haunting 0:00
Uncanny 0:00
Like a Rolling Stone 0:00
A Day Late (Acoustic) 0:00
Enjoy the Silence 0:00
Cadence (Acoustic) 0:00
Downtown Song 0:00
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out 0:00
Dismantle. Repair (Acoustic) 0:00

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