King of Fools

King of Fools


Like Delirious?'s first album, Cutting Edge, King of Fools has echoes of '80s U2, but the band accentuates the Christian undertones in Bono's lyrics, creating a modern rock record that resonates with spirituality. There are a few awkward moments and underdeveloped songs that prevent the record from being as consistently compelling as its predecessor, but the album offers more proof that Delirious? are a Christian rock band with an edge.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
White Ribbon Day 0:00
King of Fools 0:00
History Maker 0:00
What a Friend I've Found 0:00
Sanctify - King of Fools 0:00
Deeper 0:00
Revival Town 0:00
All the Way 0:00
August 30th 0:00
Promise 0:00
King or Cripple 0:00
Hands of Kindness 0:00
Louder Than the Radio 0:00

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