Somewhere Down the Road

Somewhere Down the Road

Amy Grant

Somewhere Down the Road is something between a new album and a compilation, offering six brand-new recordings balanced with three reissues, a handful of re-recordings, and a few unreleased cuts. It’s easy to tell the newer cuts, as they’re the ones that bear slight traces of Auto-Tune on Amy’s vocals, but all of this is cut from a similar cloth: everything marches to a deliberate tempo, everything is well-scrubbed and melodic, everything is friendly and melodic without quite being hooky. If it’s not Grant’s best-known or compelling music, it is certainly representative of how she’s sounded since the turn of the millennium, and since she hasn’t done all that much new since then, it’s nice to have some new music from her, no matter how modest it is.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Arms of Love (2010 Version) 0:00
Come Into My World 0:00
Every Road 0:00
Find What You're Looking for 0:00
Hard Times 0:00
Medley: Imagine / Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus 0:00
Third World Woman 0:00
Unafraid 0:00
What Is the Chance of That 0:00

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