Released in 2009, Searchlights is the best of Abandon's modern rock from two EPs released during the prior year. As they crowd-tested their material in phases, the San Antonio-based Christian band built up a buzz, particularly following the number one rock hits "Hold On" and "Providence," both indicative of the band's Sanctus Real-meets-the Killers sound. Those familiar with either EP will be delighted at this full collection of material, and new fans have a lot to look forward to. Abandon sit in that sweet spot between emo, alternative, and mainstream rock. They're at the top of their game on this debut record, and though the urgent appeal of tracks like "Song for the Broken" and "Be Alive in Me" may get the most immediate attention, the beauty of Josh Engler's songwriting is made manifest even more so when Abandon slow things down and reveal their inner passions in the middle of the record. The penetrating yearnings of "City Lights," "Safe in Your Arms," and "Atmosphere" express the band's spirituality with near perfection, keeping the guitar from ever getting too heavy-handed. With just the right amounts of heavy and light, Abandon's official full-length debut is impressive, multifaceted, forward-thinking rock.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Here Waiting 0:00
Your Love Lifts Me Up 0:00
Hero 0:00
Hold On 0:00
Song for the Broken 0:00
Confession 0:00
Be Alive In Me 0:00
Here We Are Now 0:00
Providence 0:00
City Lights 0:00
Safe In Your Arms 0:00
Atmosphere 0:00
Hold On 0:00

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