From the start, Abandon has drawn heavy inspiration from Duran Duran, U2, the Police and other icons of ‘80s British rock. The Texas quintet’s sophomore album Control makes clear that they know how to combine these influences into a distinctive sound dedicated to spreading the word of God. Abandon follows up the recent success of its radio hit “Hero” (included here in slightly revised form) by keeping the message sincere and simple while sharpening their hooks and revving up their grooves. Singer Josh Engler manages to sound both assertive and vulnerable in these tracks as he delivers such straightforward confessions of spiritual need as “Help,” “S.O.S” and “Why Does It Take So Long?” He encourages others in their Christian walk in “Known,” “Live It Out” and “Let Go.” Collectively, the band especially shines on the boisterous “Feel It In Your Heart” and the uplifting “New Years Day.” While the album’s material is consistently strong, “Hero” continues to stand as Abandon’s most compelling tune by virtue of its vividly drawn depiction of the Savior.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Under Fire 0:00
Why Does It Take So Long? 0:00
Known 0:00
Hero 0:00
Help 0:00
Live It Out 0:00
S.O.S. 0:00
Let Go 0:00
New Years Day 0:00
Talk to Me 0:00
Push It Away 0:00

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