The Atlanta-based Christian quintet successfully brings its vision of seamlessly blending musical genres to a sound fruition on its third album. “Can You Feel It” sets an edgy tone as FF5 fearlessly mashes Oakland-flavored crunk into punk-pop over a rhythmic wasteland of industrial beats and noise. Lead vocalist Soul Glow Activatur effortlessly segues between singing and rhyming, most noticeably on “Paycheck,” a big, booming bass-driven tune where the song’s bridge makes a sudden detour with string arrangements and pianos. Taking a cue from Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance,” FF5 tries its hand at inventing a brand new dance in “Wobble.” Following the party jam “Mamacita” and the sultry slow jam “Tank Top” with the religious ballad “Not Alone” cleverly contrasts sin with redemption.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Get On Outta Here 0:00
Can You Feel It 0:00
Paycheck 0:00
Wobble 0:00
You Got It 0:00
Mamacita 0:00
Tank Top 0:00
Not Alone 0:00
Dang Girl 0:00
Love Gone Wrong 0:00

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