33 Miles

33 Miles


On their eponymous 2007 debut, 33Miles approximate the same bright, friendly sound as Rascal Flatts — lead singer Jason Barton may not have as strong a twang as Gary LeVox and his trio borrows a little bit more from arena rock than Rascal Flatts, but throughout this debut they uncannily recall the poppy punch of such RF hits as "Prayin' for Daylight." Rascal Flatts proved that this glistening sound leads to mega-successful country-pop crossovers but 33Miles also prove that it's ideal for contemporary Christian music as well, since it lends itself to both surging pop anthems like the opener, "What Could Be Better," and contemplative ballads like "The Best Man." If the group occasionally gets a little syrupy on their slow songs, this heavy sentiment is balanced out by the strong, melodic hooks on the faster ones. Throughout it all, 33Miles come across as likeable and sincere, which, combined with their ear for strong material, makes this an appealing debut.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Best Man 4:24
When I Get Where I'm Going 3:48
What Could Be Better 4:05
Come With Me 3:05
Stand Amazed 3:54
Hold On 4:11
Thank You 3:39
I Can't Deny 3:57
Salvation Has a Name 4:15
This Is Now 3:46

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