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  • Putting My Trust In You Lord
    Putting My Trust In You LordRe-do of song about trusting in the Lord, recorded with the Martinez acoustic guitar, a more original D harmonica part, and sound egg shaker.

    I'm putting my trust in you Lord
    You're the Rock on which I stand
    I'm casting my...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-08-29T23:23:5124 views00:01:01
  • What Is Our Purpose?
    What Is Our Purpose?Reconstruction of a song originally written back in 2007, recorded with the Martinez acoustic guitar and cylinder shaker.

    What is our purpose?
    Why are we here?
    Does Heaven seem so far away...
    or is it very near
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-08-07T12:43:5629 views00:01:11
  • Who Is He To You?
    Who Is He To You?Song written back in 2003 that was based on Peter's confession of Jesus Christ upon the Church is founded upon. Recorded with just the Martinez acoustic guitar and sound egg shaker.

    Verse 1
    Some say John the Baptist
    Some sa...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-08-07T12:38:5622 views00:01:40
  • Give Thanks Unto The Lord (Acoustic)
    Give Thanks Unto The Lord (Acoustic)What more can I say other than Psalm 118:1 put to music in the good old Praise & Worship/Scripture In Song/Maranatha Praise/Vineyard style. The (His love) is with the ladies echo in mind. Recorded with acoustic guitar, cylinder shaker, djembe & ha...arthurbarrymorgan2014-06-20T11:45:1682 views00:00:45
  • Father We Love You (Acoustic)
    Father We Love You (Acoustic)Re-do of song 'Father We Love You' with just acoustic guitar, cylinder shaker, djembe and D harmonica.

    Father we love you
    Jesus we thank you
    Spirit we need you
    in our lives

    Father we love you
    Jesus w...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-06-19T00:05:5475 views00:00:43
  • Fill Us With Your Spirit
    Fill Us With Your SpiritRecorded with the Martinez acoustic guitar, Rhythm Tech cylinder shaker & Toca djembe.

    Fill us with your Spirit
    Cleanse us by your Word
    Set our hearts ablaze...
    at the sound of your name

    Fill us with your ...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-06-16T04:27:4867 views00:00:38
  • I Waited For The Lord
    I Waited For The LordShort chorus based loosely on Psalm 40:1-3, that was made famous by U2's '40', and often drawn upon by Hillsong. Recorded with just the Martinez acoustic guitar and sound egg shaker.

    I waited for the Lord to help me
    He turned to ...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-06-10T23:49:5571 views00:00:35
  • Jesus Is Our Victory
    Jesus Is Our VictorySong that came to me while working this morning. Recorded with just the Martinez acoustic guitar and sampled Hohner Silverstar D harmonica.

    Jesus is our victory
    Jesus is our victory
    Death has lost it's sting
    Jesus is ...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-06-06T03:37:01109 views00:00:32
  • Jesus, No Other Name
    Jesus, No Other NameNew song recorded with Martinez acoustic guitar, Crown CK 20 keyboard, Rhythm Tech Studio shaker, Hohner Silver Star D harmonica & Toca djembe.

    Come let us sing praise to the King of Kings
    Come let us sing praise to the King of K...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-05-24T04:01:36105 views00:01:14
  • Your Word
    Your Word
    Song composed while working this morning, based on Psalm 119:105. Recorded with Martinez acoustic guitar, G harmonica, tambourine and maracas.

    Your word is a lamp unto my feet
    and a light unto my path
    Your word is a l...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-05-08T03:54:2072 views00:01:01
  • Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled (Alternate Version)
    Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled (Alternate Version)Song based on bits of John 14, with Monterey acoustic guitar, Casio keyboard (Bass), G harmonica and djembe (Getting closer to how I envisioned this song back in 2002 with a live harmonica on this version).

    Don't let your heart be tro...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-05-03T02:17:17134 views00:00:54
  • With Our Mouths We Confess
    With Our Mouths We ConfessSong based on Romans 10:9, with Martinez acoustic guitar, sound egg shaker, D blues harmonica and djembe.

    With our mouths we confess
    in you Jesus
    That you are the Lord of
    Heaven and Earth
    In our hearts we ...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-04-29T04:53:5892 views00:00:45
  • Jesus Came To Rescue Me
    Jesus Came To Rescue MeSong originally written for the Children's Church at Nollamara Church Of Christ back in 1999, and shared at Echo Youth in it's slightly altered version though it didn't have the djembe at the end. This would be the closest I'll ever get to rapping...arthurbarrymorgan2014-04-23T22:51:10201 views00:00:45
  • He's Alive
    He's Alive He's alive, He's alive
    Jesus conquered the grave
    He's alive

    He's alive, He's alive
    In His name we can be saved
    He's alive
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-04-07T23:45:46146 views00:00:33
  • We Fix Our Eyes
    We Fix Our EyesIn this world, we don't belong
    For we long, for another home
    We fix our eyes, We run the race
    In Jesus Christ, and his saving grace

    There's no sorrow, There's no shame
    For those who call, on Jesus' name
    We fix o...
    arthurbarrymorgan2014-04-05T11:15:16162 views00:01:14
  • Lift Your Hands And Sing
    Lift Your Hands And SingSong originally written back in 1996 as 'Clap Your Hands And Sing', for a youth group that I was involved with as a leader at the time but never got round to using it. Recorded with Martinez acoustic guitar with a blast from a C blues harmonica, a...arthurbarrymorgan2014-04-03T04:05:58148 views00:00:37

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